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Legal in all European countries. The muffler volume has been comprehensively tested and is less than 80dB.


With a flick of a lever, engine performance and noise level increases. It has a deep bassy, American style exhaust note and far louder sound of around 100dB.

Product Details:

This is a slip-on muffler with no catalytic converter. Made of mirror polished  stainless steel. They have been hand machined to fit perfectly on the original  Harley-Davidson manifold and their fixing points remain unchanged too for easy  installation. The original heat shields can be also used.  The exhaust comes with the classic free end cap(link), & is available with a choice  of signature end caps:

        • Double 45
    • Double black 45
    • Colt
    • Ribbed slant
    • Turn out
    • Radius

The product is already semi-assembled and you only need to lace up the cables into the switch and you’re ready to go.

What’s in the box?

Packaged in our signature wooden crate that can also be used to store the replaced, original mufflers, you will find:

    • Pair of ByKern Premium Exhaust
    • Tone switch, including cables
    • Pair of pre-assembled custom end caps
    • Mounting materials (screws, cable ties, no tools included)
    • Full instructions for installation
    • EU-type approval certificate

Please be sure to keep the original clamps to fit the mufflers.

Our Guarantee

Our ByKern Premium Exhaust comes with a 2 year guarantee, and our renowned after-sales care. You can also register for an extra year of warranty after purchase.

Full Assembly videos & in-depth technical details are available on our FAQ page.

All ByKern Premium exhausts are marked with valid certificate of European Community (e7).

Advantages of Kern Premium Exhaust:

    • Easy to install
    • Simple to use
    • Cool, deep sound
    • No electronics
    • 100% Legal
    • 100% Made

Delivery We use the most reliable courier companies to make your order complete. DPD, UPS, Parcel Force. We offer free delivery on Kern Premium Exhaust (adjustable ones only)
UK - 15GBP In UK takes maximum 5 working days to get your exhaust by your door.
Europe 1 - 20 GBP France, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic
Europe 2 - 30 GBP Rest of Europe
Canada - 35GBP CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) is a free-trade agreement between Canada, the European Union and its member states. It cuts tariffs and makes it easier to export goods and services, benefiting people and businesses in both the EU and Canada.
USA - 40GBP Please be aware that you might to pay import duty on the ordered item.
South America - 50GBP
Asia - 50GBP

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